Employers Support Service

“Mental ill health currently results in 91 million lost working days each year. The total cost of this to

employers is estimated at nearly £35 billion each year.”
(Source: https://www.centreformentalhealth.org.uk/employment-economic-case)

“Employers have a huge positive role to play in improving the nations’ mental health and it also
makes perfect business sense to keep our colleagues as mentally fit and productive as possible.”
Sir Ian Cheshire, Heads Together Contents.

As an employer you can make reasonable adjustments within the workplace to allow someone who
has mental ill health to continue to perform their role effectively, just as you would with someone
who has a physical illness.

Early intervention and awareness of mental ill health can enable you to provide the support needed
for your staff to recover more quickly and to continue to work efficiently which will benefit your
business by:

 Reducing sickness absence (time & cost)

Improving staff retention, morale and loyalty

 Increasing productivity and performance

Good reputation as an employer who cares for its employees

We offer an impartial confidential advice service to identify solutions to work related issues, helping
to retain valuable staff by assisting in the development of effective work strategies for employees
experiencing mental ill health or work related stress.

We provide both employer and employee support to enable job retentions whilst enabling
employers to maintain a healthy workforce.

For more information please contact iow.wtwb@nhs.net