Family Employment Advice Service

Are you a lone parent or from a troubled family aged 18 years+ and are considering your options of

returning to paid or unpaid work but don’t know where to start?

Our Family Employment Advice Service Employment Advisor will deliver a person centred 1-1 support
service in a friendly environment at Jigsaw Family Support Centre in Ryde, to help you identify the
best pathway for you in returning to paid/unpaid work, to seek voluntary placements, or advice on
training opportunities by providing support to improve your self-confidence, refresh your skills and to

effectively apply for either unpaid or paid work opportunities.

We understand that each person starts their journey with us on a bespoke path whether it be
attending a voluntary placement first or gaining qualifications, for some it may just be having the
encouragement and motivation to turn up to their appointments but the end result is the same for

all; to feel part of society again, to have self-worth.

We will work in a holistic manner with you taking in to account all the logistics that need to be put in
to place before even leaving your home. We can offer free childcare at Jigsaw Family Support Centre

for the duration of your appointment with your Employment Advisor!

You will have access to the help you need, when you need it, you will be supported to get the ongoing

help you require by using our extensive knowledge of local services.

It is envisaged that you will report an improved emotional and physical wellbeing by becoming
resilient and more independent in managing your own life choices now and for the future.

How can I join the Family Employment Advice Service?

There are several ways to be referred through your professional support network such as:
Job Centre Plus Strengthening Families Advisor, Barnardo’s, Jigsaw Family Support Centre, Children’s

Centres, Aspire and other services who will be happy to refer you.
How much does the service cost? It’s free because it is funded by the HIWCF
Is there a time scale on the advice that I receive? No, you set your own timescales with your
employment advisor who will help you achieve your goals within the duration of the project (Due to

end March 2023)

Will I get a job at the end of it? We will help you gain confidence and skills to provide you with the

best possible chance of moving forward with your future goals

Alternatively, for more information please e-mail: where we will be happy to

answer any questions you may have.