Have you ever thought of starting or running your own business, but don’t know how or where to start? We can support you in taking that all important first step.

Becoming self-employed can be a scary thought but it can offer a working enviroment that fits your needs and one that will work with your skills.

It can also be very rewarding and you don’t have to go it alone as there are some schemes and organisations that can help. We have external providers that we can refer you to, so that you are given up to date information with the tools and guidance you will need in making a successful business.

What will you need to do?


  • Have an initial business idea
  • Be ambitious and enthusiastic
  • Have sufficient time to dedicate to your business idea
  • Carry out market research




Take control of your journey into self employment and we will support you on your personal journey all the way from your inital idea, through business start up to running your own business.