If you feel that you are not ready for paid employment or that paid work doesn’t currently fit with your mental health well-being. We can support you in securing a voluntary placement suitable to your needs that will help you to have a more socially inclusive and improved quality of life by introducing somewith structure and a meaningful purpose.


Volunteers are vital to the smooth running of many community groups / charities and there are a variety of ways in which you can get involved. There is a wide selection of volunteering roles to suit people from a range of backgrounds, with different interests and availability.



Whether you are looking for a full time volunteer role, or something to do during the day or a flexible role at evening and weekends there is a volunteering role that will suit your needs.

Volunteering can help you by meeting new people and making new friends whilst learning new skills, gaining confidence and helping you to feel part of your community.

Most of all it will involve you having fun!